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13 Signs of Burnout: Healing for a more beautiful life

an honest assessment of where you are today to get on the road to healing tomorrow.

Are you telling yourself the truth about how hard things are or just telling yourself you need to work harder?

Do you wonder if you’re burned out or just lazy, just disorganized, not productive enough?
Do you wonder if you could feel better, or is it aging, mom brain, the price of being ambitious?

What if it wasn’t about you not doing enough in 2022, and is something you can actually heal in 2023?

Around the world, the rate of burnout is increasing; for women, parents, those who work in a variety of fields. Every demographic is struggling with this condition, which was only named a disease by the World Health Organization in 2019.

Just because something is common doesn’t mean it’s normal.

If you’re exhausted and feel the way you’re living can’t be what life is all about, this is for you.

Join me for a masterclass with Q&A on healing burnout, including:

Are you struggling with this too?


You’re trying to do it all, all the time, and you’re exhausted. In 2022 your time & energy didn’t match your to-do list: work, love, kids, friends, health, faith, sleep, play. (I see you.)


Meanwhile, you’re disappointed in yourself because there’s still not enough time to grow your career, passion project, homeschool while working, whatever your story is.


You’re insecure, discouraged, even angry – you know you aren’t doing your best work at much of anything, so you get demotivated, more overwhelmed, procrastinate…


Also, you have no time to rest, which you know you need to do things well, so you’re in a chicken-or-the-egg vicious cycle.


You are smart, intelligent, driven, and trying really really hard (!!!), but you still can’t figure this out. (P.S. You are not alone! I promise it’s not just you, and I can help.)

Rave reviews from past attendees

Friend, I have been there, and I know the way through

If we haven’t met yet, hi, I’m Hilary Rushford Collyer. (waves from Brooklyn) I’ve been researching “how to be less of a frazzled person who’s perpetually overwhelmed” since 2013.

I was an exhausted entrepreneur who knew my pace wasn’t sustainable. I started sharing what I learned, speaking at conferences and inside courses and communities for fellow leaders and creatives, teaching thousands how to live with what I call more “elegant excellence” – a life with passion, drive, and goals, yet without grind, hustle, and burnout.

After almost ten years of exploring this for my own sanity and survival, this year, I had to use my tools more than ever in the midst of some very hard life storms. 

What I’ve learned is that one of the great challenges of burnout is how often we gaslight ourselves, blaming ourselves for not working hard enough when that’s not the answer at all

Join us for this new masterclass in which my goal is this: To help you believe yourself.

To be able to tell yourself the truth. What are you suffering with, what can you actually heal and how, instead of muscling through or covering with temporary solutions?

I want to help you honor your reality because most of us are downplaying just how hard things are or not realizing how often they happen, and that we actually don’t have to live this way.

Truly, this teaching has saved my life (my rock bottom moment happened because I was totally burned out), saved others’ lives (blows me away that’s true), and changed every area of my life for the better: my marriage, family, friendships, work relationships, mental health, physical health, and inner peace.

You don’t have to live like this.

It can be easier in 2023, and you deserve it to be easier.


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