How to Stop Feeling Behind

and setting yourself up to fail


How to Find Your Dreams + Goals

Uncover what brings you joy and meaning, to gain clarity and direction

"Hilary inspires me to grab hold of the multiple dreams I hold in my heart and is living out a way to pull them all together. Everything Hilary talks about is what I care deeply about and she's showing me that I can do it too and in a way that is approachable, authentic and inspiring."

— Sam

Friend, do you ever feel like ...

Your time and energy don’t match your to-do list

There’s never enough time

You work so hard yet are still so far from achieving everything you want to get done

You try so hard to be an essentialist, to simplify, so how are you still so overwhelmed?!

Oh how I've been there!

From feeling helpless to ah-ha!

One September day I realized I was screwed. I’d gotten behind on one thing, another had an unexpected bump… with a sinking feeling it hit me that I was going to be sprinting for months without any way out.

After years of being more of an essentialist and simplifying, how had I gotten myself into this pickle yet again?! In my despair, I had an idea:

I created a new practice for myself and woah, I suddenly understood exactly how I’d gotten here. It fundamentally changed my thinking and has blessed me ever since. If you can relate, I want to share it with you!

I'll send you ...


Two short video teachings


A look inside my weekly/monthly calendar & a template just for you


How to do less and feel more accomplished than ever

i'm hilary

A fellow seeker on how to live well

In 2011 while working in New York City in musical theater, I started a business as a personal stylist. As a new entrepreneur I told myself I could be crazy for three years. Yet as I neared year four I realized I was as exhausted as ever and there was no sign of things changing.

In 2015 I started exploring how to do this whole (gesticulates wildly) life thing more sustainably in the pursuit of what I call Elegant Excellence – how I want to feel in my life, work, self.

In a culture that tells us to always want more, do more, be more – that doesn’t celebrate rest, leisure, or ever define enough in our body size, house size, amount of money or accomplishments – to choose less and believe it makes life better, is a radical pursuit.

The joy it’s brought me is so wonderful I shout from the rooftops each time I have a new breakthrough to share!

Join us, as thousands have received this specific training and more of my free resources you can access next.

You’re working so hard. You’re doing great.

And you’re exhausted. And it can be a little easier.

I’m here to help you feel less crazy and more calm, m’dear. (wink)

Discover more peace in your week + more pride in yourself

Here you go, Love!

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