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Healing Burnout

a refreshing journey to a healthier life with space to breathe

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Friend, the answer is not to work harder.

The real issue is complex, has lots of layers and angles, which is why we haven’t been able to find a one minute Reels on “how to heal burnout” that truly heals.

I’ve intentionally crafted this 6-week journey, with a signature 3-layer method you can refer back to for years, to meet you where you are in an overly full life, guide you through to more room to breathe, with science and research to back me up, empathy and personal experiences to share, all in a way that doesn’t pretend our solutions are easy yet confidently champions:


hilary rushford burnout

What are you uniquely struggling with?

hilary rushford burnout

Love, I’ve been there, and I know the way through.

I first started teaching how to “overcome overwhelm” in 2013. You can hear more of my story, including my rock bottom moment due to burnout and a big aha in Italy, in the video above.

Over the last decade, I’ve taught tens of thousands of students on this topic through speaking, courses, and communities. As an entrepreneur, with business as my greatest cause of burnout, I focused on helping business owners. However, I realized the truest teaching had nothing to do with what you do for work and applies to every unique life situation in those bullets above, whether it’s juggling aging parents or aggressive volunteering pressure from the PTA. I started to craft a new path, a 3-part method, that welcomes every single one of us.

The Healing Burnout course is a decade of lived experience, and the first teaching for all of us.

Imagine a life with room to breathe, feeling rested, proud of yourself and peaceful in the belief that you’ve done enough. It’s possible.

Here’s what I’ve made more true for myself…

Let me share my decade of wisdom to help you get to healing faster.

a refreshing guided journey to a healthier life with space to breathe

hilary rushford burnout

Healing Burnout is the wisdom and support you need to stop working harder and start living well.

bethany v testimonial

After Healing Burnout, “Now I know what I really want & have the tools to show up for myself.

Before Healing Burnout, I was exhausted and feeling discouraged on how to move forward. I struggle to manage stress and others’ expectations, give others’ opinions too much real estate in my head, and we’d been through three funerals and a cancer diagnosis in nine months. My energy battery was in the negative and about to do an emergency shut off.

It was such a relief to take The Burnout Quiz and realize I’m burned out, that it’s not a flaw or something I did wrong or should have done better. It’s life and it gets complicated and messy and I did the best I could. But I have to do better now. I was praying for a way forward and I wholeheartedly believe this course was a gift from above. Not a bandaid or ten step program, but a way to put my focus back on my own body and life and remember what I really want and how I want to live this gift of a life.

I have never been so excited to check my email and receive the session notifications. I found myself waiting to listen until I could sit in my favorite chair and savor the time. Hilary’s honest, straightforward approach is refreshing. She acknowledges the reality of life being complicated and change being difficult. I so appreciate her kindness. I never felt any ounce of shame. If anything, I just felt compassion for how hard I’ve been trying to do everything. I’m so proud of myself for showing up for others, but now I can recognize that I have to show up for myself. And not just for this season, I have to prioritize myself for the rest of my life in order to be healthy let alone happy, and be able to love others around me well.

It’s been so encouraging. I have been amazed at how much everyone is doing in their day. No wonder we are all burned out! Now, I feel like I have a new language and tools I am learning how to use. When I get to be a mom, I want to teach my kid to do this. It’s so grounding.

Honestly, I’m sad the course is coming to an end. When I realized it had already been six weeks I couldn’t believe it. I’m so thankful I can go back and watch/listen to the sessions again!”


The How & Why of my Signature 3-Layer Method

The textbook definition of burnout includes three key components: exhaustion, cynicism, and inefficiency. I’ve reimagined those as the emotional, mental, and physical parts of ourselves: how we feel, what we think/believe, and from those healthier places, what we do. And in each one, I offer the antidote to those textbook breakdowns: we need healing, hope, and then help.

To start feeling change more quickly we’ll walk through each layer over three weeks, then revisit them to go deeper. You’ll end with a cheatsheet roadmap you can return to for years to come, to make this process muscle memory and to approach each new season of your life with increasing wisdom, peace, and confidence.

Throughout our journey you’ll learn:

hilary rushford burnout

WEEKS 1 + 4:



We start to feel better now. We explore science-based actions we can take to help our bodies feel and function better. Bonus, they are all delightful and feel good! We’ll increase our self-compassion as we increase our self-awareness of how we’re really feeling and functioning today. Let’s begin by replenishing, so we can breathe a bit before we move into more complex problem solving.

WEEKS 2 + 5:



Next we examine our cultural expectations, honoring truths we sometimes cannot change. We grapple with our personal beliefs and choices, where we are most empowered for change. This all rests on a core belief that the purpose of life cannot be to micromanage it, and live exhausted until it’s all over. What does it mean to live a good life?

hilary rushford burnout

WEEKS 3 + 6:



Finally, we take major actions, big and small, to simplify and actively create a life we love more. Situational factors are the largest cause of burnout, so we’ll look to make meaningful changes, from a more healed and hopeful place from our earlier steps.

Plus, spacious support designed to help you with these bonuses:


Slow Sessions

Each week you’ll also receive meditative audio classes designed to be used while journaling, walking, driving, or stretching. These messages reinforce the teaching throughout the week, with space for you to be with your thoughts without needing perfect quiet to do so. Each comes in a 10 or 20 minute version to best support your needs that day, and can become favorites you return to every week for years to come, to spend more time with the most important person in your life and the number one person who can heal you: you.


No Rush

Access to your course does not expire until Sept 1st, 2024. The teachings are uniquely designed to watch or listen, taking notes or on the go, in 20 minutes or less. So there is no way you can tell yourself you don’t have 20 minutes to fold in healing–plus they aren’t going anywhere, nor are we. Start healing today. Go deeper into healing over the coming months. You are not in a rush, but you are going to stop procrastinating your peace and start today.

Our Healing Burnout students love these bonuses...

amy testimonial

“I really enjoyed the Slow Sessions as a way to end each week, and have been coming back to those techniques when my anxiety intensifies.”

– Amy

“I joined Healing Burnout because I was constantly feeling rushed, resentful, exhausted, and guilty. I’d lost my “North Star” and couldn’t hone in on a solid reason for any of my actions. I wasn’t enjoying anything. With Hilary as my new guide, I now have joy and positive emotions in daily life. The parameters I’ve established have helped me create a choice that wasn’t there before. Now I can say, “Okay, girl, you have done enough today. Here’s the proof. Now are you choosing a bit of well deserved rest and joy, or are you choosing anxiety and misery again?” What really helps bolster that are the facts presented throughout the course and the weekly lesson that I can revisit. Little by little, I’m breathing again.”


This is your healing season

when you join today, you'll get:

Healing Burnout Course

The full price for this product is $597.


You're invited to ​Pay the Value you believe this teaching can bring to your life.

How much is it worth it to you to finally feel better? To feel pride because you can trust you’re truly doing your best now from a healed place, and thus give yourself grace?  Read on for the testimonials below, then enter the value you decide, and check out for instant access!


Here’s what this course is not about:​

Why I know this works:

This is perfect for you if:

You can feel lighter in 2024:

sarah beth m

"I'm finally feeling relief and releasing unrealistic expectations of myself.

When this course came out I had recently quit my job to be a stay at home mom, and expected that to finally take care of my burnout. But when it didn’t – I realized that it’s not about my circumstances, it’s about the choices I keep making that keep me burned out – I knew I needed help.

I loved Hilary’s approach. It’s what I needed so deeply! For the first year ever I didn’t set a New Year’s resolution or big goal to conquer. Instead I set an intention to release unrealistic expectations and stop putting so much pressure on myself. That’s not something I think I ever could have done for myself before this course! I’m not a completely different person and I LOVE that. But I’m celebrating small wins more, embracing growth, making small but meaningful changes to support myself. It’s been such a positive, uplifting atmosphere. 

I would recommend this course to anyone who is burned out, isn’t getting enough sleep, feels they’re doing too much but doesn’t know how to stop or do less.”

- sarah beth

The answer is not to work harder.

If hard work were enough, we would be happier already!

We are suffering. We need compassion, healing, and better tools to navigate a society that’s leaving both working women and mothers burned out at higher rates than ever before.

Stop suffering for one more year to an imaginary finish line you never reach. It’s time to start living, for your sake and everyone you love around you.

My life is so much better that I get a pit in my stomach at the idea of ever having to go back to the way I used to live.

I want to run around shouting to anyone who’s in pain that there is freedom; there is so much more peace available to you. It isn’t easy, but it can be so much easier. Please let me show you how I’ve shifted off a heavy inclined treadmill into a garden with more places to sit and just be.

You don’t have to keep living like this. You’re one gentle choice away from a life with more room to breathe.

Frequently Asked Questions

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more frequently asked questions

No matter what your circumstances—children, aging parents, entrepreneur, hourly or salary employee, any age—this is for you. We make space with foundational wisdom that applies to any story and therefore all the stories that may be ours over the years to come. We ask complex questions that welcome in the reality of life and focus on practical solutions, while also dreaming outside the cultural boundaries modeled for us. You are welcome here, and there is rest for you in this place.

Your first module is waiting for you today! The entire course is available for instant access. However, I highly recommend you go through just one module a week. This pacing allows you time to absorb and sit with each teaching, so you start to feel the shifts before adding on new insights or actions, without overwhelm.

Each teaching is 20 min or less, with 3 teachings inside each module. That’s less than an hour a week but most importantly it can all be consumed on the go, listening only, whether you’re driving, walking, folding laundry, or putting on your makeup. I’ve even given you cheat sheets so you don’t have to take notes, but have them to review! Whenever you do have more time, sitting to take notes and being fully present will help you absorb the most, but with access not expiring until August 31st, 2024, you have plenty of time to revisit each again and again.

We’ve set-up access to be very easy, so you don’t need to worry about this! Our student site has been running since 2013 so we’re a well oiled machine, with extra improvements made specifically for this transition. Plus, you’ll have an email address to write should anything go awry.

More love from our Healing Burnout students...


“I’d been working on healing my burnout on my own for a while before the course launched. I am extremely cognizant that I cannot build a sustainable business if it relies on me being burnt out. I knew that if I joined the course, I would have more opportunities to learn how to heal my burnout and run my life in a more sustainable way. Now, I’m approaching the year with a much better mindset, gameplan, and level of excitement! ”

– Michelle

“Before Healing Burnout, I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with my life as a whole. Work was feeling mundane, yet I was getting things done. Life was feeling full, but not in a joyful way. I wouldn’t have used “burnout” to describe my situation before Hilary’s workshop, but realized that is exactly what was happening. The course has been SO helpful. It’s given me words to be able to describe what I’m experiencing and tools to actually process through it. I feel more centered and peaceful than when I started, and equipped to handle it when something bumps me off course. The opportunity to learn how to slow down and really intentionally make changes is what I’ve been missing.”



“This course allowed me to give myself grace during a particularly tough season, instead of stretching myself thin. Hilary gave me the permission I needed to discover new things about myself. I had 4 specific big aha’s unique to me, and feel like I’m on the right path and this year will see me getting – as Hilary always says – 10% better. Big hugs and many thanks!”

– Julia

“I was feeling tired and overwhelmed with my to-do lists when I heard Hilary share about this course. I wasn’t sure if I was burnt out, but I wanted to find out if the teaching could help me feel more calm. It did! I’ve become more self-aware and created positive changes in my life. Today, I am feeling more calm and peaceful.”


“Before, I would measure my self worth by my productivity. If I didn’t accomplish enough in a day, I was a failure. You can imagine how miserable I was. This course has helped me rethink this mindset and I am so grateful. Thank you!”

– Anna

“The course was very realistically planned: small bites of knowledge, easy to digest. Finally someone else said it out loud: “I just don’t have enough hours in my day, enough days in my week.”. With my family, building our house, full time job, activities in the afternoon (with 2 smart kids!), I finally decided at the end of the course to take some months off and take time for what is important for ME. Now, I go to bed early. My kids have to do more household chores, haha! I’d recommend this course to burned out moms! Bless you Hilary! 🤗”

– Urksa

“This course gave me permission to examine my actions and reactions, and gave me the confidence to do what I know deep inside is truly right for me. While I’m not much of a “sharer,” the best part is knowing that I’m not alone. The most impactful lessons were the Slow Sessions. To be honest, it scares me to slow down, so I was often reticent to hit play. But when I overcame my fear and spent time with myself, I had “ahas” that will stay with me forever. Before Healing Burnout I felt stuck. Now, the glue that used to hold me down is slowly lessening its grip. My phrase for this year is “Be purposeful with your beautiful self.” This phrase would not have been possible without this course!”

– Lesley


This is your healing season

when you join today, you'll get:

Healing Burnout Course

The full price for this product is $597.


You're invited to ​Pay the Value you believe this teaching can bring to your life.

How much is it worth it to you to finally feel better? To feel pride because you can trust you’re truly doing your best now from a healed place, and thus give yourself grace?  Read on for the testimonials below, then enter the value you decide, and check out for instant access!