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Hilary Rushford Collyer’s

What Makes Women
Feel Beautiful

Without buying more, weighing less, or waiting for culture to change. You can feel better tomorrow (truly, deeply), just as you are today.

Hilary Rushford Collyer’s

What Makes Women
Feel Beautiful

Without buying more, weighing less, or waiting for culture to change. You can feel better tomorrow (truly, deeply), just as you are today.

I want to help you

finally feel more confident and at peace.

In your body and beauty,
outside and in.

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“This teaching is TOTALLY challenging me and I’m loving it, which is surprising me. It challenges my notions of fashion and feminism. I’ve only been in the class a couple of weeks but I really feel transformed! I’ll already recommend this course to many of my friends, especially those who work and also have children and just don’t have time to focus on themselves. I think this teaching could really shake things up! Thank you again for a fabulous experience already.”

— Jennifer H

Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt that pit in your stomach...

Every. Woman. Has.

Friend this isn’t a personal problem, it’s a collective one.

Since we were 3-years-old (according to research) we’ve been indoctrinated with a story about beauty and bodies in which absolutely no one is ever enough. Thus we are always fixing, always spending, always striving for a peace we never achieve.

No answer we’ve been sold has worked. 

And not even any teaching has been holistic enough to get to the multifaceted complex root of what really makes women feel beautiful (or sadly more often, not.)

That changes today.

With over a decade of experience exploring this very question, and a complete year crafting this groundbreaking immersive teaching,

YOU ARE IN THE  right place.
If you want to spend less money, time, and energy trying to like yourself more, and instead be more present, joyful, and inclusive as you enjoy your life and yourself today – you are welcome here.

This is going to feel so good!

Here's what we're trying right now...

we spend on average

$1800 a year on clothes.

Not including makeup/beauty/anti-aging, or weight loss.

a total of

over $350,000 in our lifetime. (gulp*)

*Put that into the stock market and we’re talking about a staggering wealth gap between men and women

Yet only wear

20-40% of our closets meaning we waste up to $1,600 a year

trying to feel more confident on the outside, yet no one ever taught us how.

we buy 5x more

clothes per year than we did in the 1980’s.

In just four decades we’ve gone from 12 to 68 new items a year.

Are we 500% happier?

Sadly, the opposite.

The Global Women’s Health Index reports

our levels of stress, anxiety, worry, sadness, and anger
worldwide are at a 10-year high.

Yet we’re projected to spend billions more
in just the next five years:

Even though we have the data for decades now
that tells us it doesn’t work.

It's never


So why on earth do we keep spending?!

Because it’s the answer that makes people money.

The expectation of what beautiful enough is keeps rising, so every year, every month, we buy more to keep up.

With our current beliefs we will always be buying more to keep up.

(Reminder: This isn’t just you! And it’s not your fault. This message is everywhere from school or HR dress codes to celebrity headlines, marketing to religious teaching, personal family stories to films we’ve watched since we were kids. Deep breaths. We’re going to change this, I promise.)

The truth is a peaceful woman isn't profitable.

A peaceful woman is satisfied with enough. She rests. She shows others they can rest. She makes space for others without having to change themselves. She is less obsessed with controlling herself, and therefore others, meaning she is less distracted by the small stuff. She has more time to focus on the things that matter: her soul, her inner circle, helping others, enjoying being alive.

She’s the kind of woman who’s kind. She’s become the woman she’s always found so becoming to be in the presence of.

She can be: you.

Today we are all on
The Invisible Staircase.

Losing ten pounds, aging gracefully, feeling thinner in a new outfit is all about
FEELING one step higher
than enough other people on the staircase that we feel safe enough we’ll be accepted, liked, respected by whoever we’re seeing today.

Yet the research shows it’s never enough.

Heck culture shows it’s not. Celebrities who have full-time and millions of dollars to spend on fitness trainers, chefs, nutritionists–are still wearing shapewear, all that body work isn’t enough; on estheticians, plastic surgery–still have glam squads and wear full beat makeup, all that face work isn’t enough; and are still called out for photoshopping themselves because they still haven’t reached beautiful enough. And it is their full time job! They have full-time childcare! 

Y’all. We never reach a high enough step on the staircase of beauty that we can rest, and feel beautiful as we are in our own skin.

We have to stop climbing, step off The Invisible Staircase, and into The Garden.


The Garden

Gardens are even more beautiful the more diversity they have.

The more colors, shapes, and sizes only makes it more breathtaking. Gardens invite you to rest, to sit down, to look straight out at the view of what is, not up ahead at where you might be able to get with a little more work. In a garden we are shoulder to shoulder, there is no ranking, no competition. Everyone is welcome to bloom to the fullest, and the healthier our soil is the more everyone around us thrives as well.

There are some areas in our lives where The Staircase is real.

It can be true that you do not have enough physical safety, emotional support, and as a collective we should reach back and help you up to a safe enough step. Yet far more often we are climbing staircases for more, when we already have enough and could choose to rest and enjoy being alive, and beauty is the most clear place to start. When we heal our striving in beauty, we begin to heal ourselves overall in the roots of our burnout.

You have everything you need to flourish right now, except for the wisdom on how to use it.

Let me teach you how to be a more peaceful woman, and every area of your life and all the people in it will be better for it.


What Makes Women Feel Beautiful

Most efforts to heal our body image, increase our outer confidence, reign in our spending, or help us pass better habits to our children address just one element of our deep longing–style tips, mindful eating, or clutter clearing. 

With lifelong indoctrination you can’t just pull at one thread or the knot remains.

In this unique experience we’ll sit at the intersection of both the outside and in, personal and collective, things we can change and those we can’t, what money can buy and what it never can.

This teaching includes

eight core elements.

Rather than focusing on one topic at a time, we’ll wander back and forth through them all, layering and going deeper.

You’ll see how one informs the other, how healing here prepares you for healing there next.


Style principles

The outside matters. Far less than we think, but it’s part of it. We love beauty, creativity, art! Color, pattern, texture, shape. But unlike any other teaching, my approach is not about individual items you need, and it’s not about fear: can’t, don’t, shouldn’t. I teach foundations that explain why we like what we like, and empower us to wear far more than we believe we can. I’ll teach you how to trust your eye, so you have more confidence with less stress and less things. (Sneak peek, we’ll start with my famous 2-Part Fashion Cocktail. She explains everything you’re struggling to put your finger on in a look.)


Closet organization

Beyond the sublime satisfaction of clearing clutter, my proprietary Ribbon & Record Method helps you identify your unique personal style and lifestyle. You’ll learn to further trust your gut, yourself, without needing the cost of a personal stylist, so you can shop in a way that saves you so much money and time for the rest of your life.



No matter what we do on the outside, it will never be enough without health on the inside. I’ll share specific tools that led to immense healing in my own burnout and anxiety that will guide you to freedom. Each one is very specific to overcoming our insecurities and judgment in this area of bodies and beauty.


Personal stories

We’ll make it personal, identifying the beliefs from your childhood and community for you to personally heal. Then vision casting who you desire to be and are becoming. “Dress for the job you want not the job you have” is true but it means you have to know what you want, and I’ll guide you to that.


Cultural stories

We’ll also make it collective. When you realize this is not a you problem, this an us problem – all of us – you realize it’s not a personal failing. It’s something we all need, so you getting free, frees us all. I’ll help you understand how racism, the environment, our fertility, and more all tie together so that as we feel more beautiful, we do so in a way that ensures all women feel more beautiful.


Body image

This is a big one. I want to walk you through, gently and compassionately, yet insistently from many different angles as this is a lifetime of indoctrination we’re rewiring. We’ll explore the history and data on a healthier approach to the ridiculous made-up stories that harm every body at any size. (This changes everything. Just, everything, friend.)



The best news is as we rethink our own stories, we pass on better beliefs to our daughters, nieces, grand and god-daughters, or those of our best friends, so the next generation of women can be healthier, happier, and more hopeful from the start. When you learn what you can do to protect other women, you suddenly feel such purpose and meaning in your own healing, because you want to be part of the true solution and the data proves this is it. What we’re learning for ourselves in this teaching, is exactly what our daughters need to learn to stay free.



You’ll hear in the teaching how my first clients in 2011, lead to the greatest healing breakthrough about my body. I’ve healed in this community. You’ll join us as a member of The Garden Party, and will be one for years to come.

“My life is much lighter and freer. I feel more confident, more assertive, more capable. I had no idea this teaching would bring such happiness!

— Rebecca R

Get ready to feel more confident and peaceful than you’ve ever known was possible, and kinder to yourself, your loved ones, and the world (yes, literally.)

How to save $2k/year and
$32k in the next 10

We are here to rest, heal our burnout, and enjoy our life, m’dear!

Remember how the average American woman is throwing away $1,600 a year on clothes she doesn’t wear? And if you think you’re doing better than that, I hate to tell you data shows we all think we’re above average! Yep, every woman reading this thinks she spends more wisely than the rest of us. (insert melting emoji face) The data also shows we all think we wear twice as much as we actually do, so we’re probably twice as strugglebuss as we think.

On top of that we spend TWICE as much throughout our lifetime on makeup, beauty, and our faces. So odds are we’re losing quite a few hundreds a year on that minimum? Oh and then there’s our weight loss efforts? Yeah, we are easily losing $2k a year.

But I have excellent news!

We asked our community what you’d spend on average on:

All you need to do is commit to buying 4-12 less items this year (and reminder on average we’re buying 68 so that’s buying just 1/5th less) and for NO MONEY I can change everything. And then save you, $2k every year from here on out. (Put that into the stock market and at a very common 10% return that’s $32,000 10 years from now.) There’s no hook. This is simple math, on years of data. You’re welcome, in advance. (wink)

Breakthrough is waiting for you inside

What Makes Women Feel Beautiful

When you enroll today you’ll have instant access to:

☆ What Makes Women Feel Beautiful teaching: $1500

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☆ Or (save over $300 with) 12 payments of just: $97/month

bonuses To Support You From Every Angle


The Garden Party (a full year with Hilary)

12 months inside our private space with Hilary and members of all our products in one inclusive community. The Garden Party itself has a new teaching added each month on topics such as confidence, cultivating friendships, money mindset, increasing happiness. There’s an invite-only space for WMWFB members to share outfit photos from style challenges for helpful feedback, as well as both struggles and wins for encouragement, advice, and aha’s with Hilary and one another.

(value: $350)


Happy Hour with Hilary Q&A Calls

4 LIVE CALLS throughout our time together, with recordings. This allows our inaugural members a place to ask Hilary more questions about the teaching as you live it out, go deeper on new topics that arise, and have hot seats with personal coaching whether feedback on outfits or broader life challenges.

(value $200)


Hilary’s Closet Cam Confessionals

Come inside my closet with me as this year progresses while I break down how I use the style principles, organization, and mindset  inside this teaching in my own style, lifestyle, and wardrobe to make decisions of what to keep or part with, why, and how to style them. Watch the teaching played out in my own life, and how my style evolves.

(value: $200)


Personalized Pacing: Choose from 3 Tracks (with pauses!)

With a full year inside our community, you can choose from 3 timeline tracks of how quickly you want to move through the content:
in 6 weeks, 3 months, or 12 months. This means the accountability reminders and pacing throughout supports you whether you’re hungry for breakthrough, or want more spacious support. Plus, you can pause anytime so if you’re headed on holiday for a week or have a slammed month of work ahead, you don’t have an inbox of emails to dig out of thus feeling “behind.” We’ll remind you once a week for three weeks, then once a month, until it’s right for you to continue. A welcome back email reminds you where you left off! (Is this not genius?! It’s what I wish existed when I was a student, so I made it for you.)


21 Day Mindset Integration

It takes 21 days to make a new habit, and 90 days to make it a part of your lifestyle so it sticks. We have 365 days inside this experience to 4x our commitment to making this a permanent lifestyle change, and kick it off with 21 days of support to get you started. Short daily emails with affirmations, quotes, and reminders will gently yet consistently help you remember this new intention you’re undertaking to be kinder to yourself and others, and to think of beauty in a new way.


Cheat Sheet Quick Guides

Studies show we need to hear most things 6-7 times before we can actively recall them. In addition to other forms throughout this teaching, these bonus pages will help you more quickly navigate the content to find what you’re looking for. Tuck them into your journal or closet to have the teaching at your fingertips when you need it so the principles from style to closet organization to mindset techniques truly become second nature throughout your life.


Skin Deep

The average woman will spend $200k over her lifetime on her face. Beyond the financial we’ll discuss the health, fertility, environmental, and equality elements present in this core component of our beauty. This video teaching frees and empowers us to make wiser choices, while considering our values and priorities. (I’ll also share the most up to date products I’m using on my own face and body after researching what’s safe, sustainable, and a wise investment.)


Hair Beliefs

It’s been said this is the least transparent of all our areas of beauty. The shame stories we carry around what good hair is, who has it, and how we’re getting it is a perspective shifting conversation. We’ll heal from the top down in this powerful bonus video teaching. (Spoiler alert: I’ll recommend you never again buy a hair product because someone on Instagram said so, and why.)

09 expiring soon!

A Stylist’s Wisdom for Packing & Presence while Traveling

Expires Friday, June 23rd at midnight!

As a well versed traveler my whole life, whether headed to family for the holidays on a dream vacation or to a work event, I’ve got guidance you’ll want to hear. These five principles are the ones I use not only to pack with more ease and clarity, but most importantly to have more confidence and be present when I arrive. Practical and mindset elements combine in this stellar video teaching to help you travel lighter both literally and energetically. Whether burned out or body insecure, seeking to feel rested or radiant, your future self thanks you.

When You Enroll Today

here’s what’s waiting for you

45 teachings over the next 6 weeks, 3 months, or 12 months (your choice) guiding you through our 08 core pillars

Curated into 06 modules

03 bonuses for more connection & teaching

03 bonuses for more personalized accountability & support throughout a year in our community

03 bonuses to round out this holistic teaching including mindset, research, data & wisdom


Expires Friday, June 23rd at midnight!

Total Value: $2,250

With all the bonuses (over $750) as my gift to celebrate and special discount for our inaugural launch, simply choose the plan that works best for you:


12 monthly payments of



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Please note: Special pricing and bonuses are only available during this limited-time enrollment period. 

When you join, you’ll also become a member of The Garden Party at a special alumni rate of $180/year (just $15/month) to be charged 12 months from your date of purchase should you choose to continue!

All with a worry free 14-day money-back guarantee

guarantee badge

What if you get inside and What Makes Women Feel Beautiful isn’t right for you? Please don’t buy if you just want to “check it out”. This program was created with love and integrity, for people ready and willing to take action. However, if you dive in and feel it’s not right for you, you can cancel within 14 days. I believe in this teaching and want to make sure you’re thrilled with it!

Love From Our Past Students

10,000 women went through an original class created in 2013, all of which exists in this next level teaching plus 70% more. 3x every story you read to get a taste of how good you’re going to feel!

"I LOVED this experience, Hilary! Thank you so much for creating it. Your perspective was so fresh, innovative, and interesting that it completely changed my way of approaching beauty, and gave me confidence I never knew I had.

Most importantly, I feel like I can walk into a room now for any occasion and OWN IT happily. I’m definitely not young, model-ish or skinny, but I know now that I can feel as polished and gorgeous on the outside as I know I am on the inside. I feel happy in my own skin and it’s amazing the difference that makes in how I feel confident out in the world on a daily basis. Thank you!”

— Cecilia

“Hilary you’re a gem amongst gems! My 3 favorite things about this teaching are (1) You address the actual person.You don’t try to change anyone, you see us for who we are and you elevate everyone you work with. (2) You’re genuine. You have a real gift for what you do and your personality and enthusiasm come through in every email, video, live call. (3) Everything is beautiful, fun and inspiring.”

— Justine

"My life has been both simplified and energized thanks to this teaching. I find myself wanting to go out and grab more opportunities. I’m more productive, creative, and social when I’m not wasting energy wondering if I look okay. I don’t have to wonder. I know I feel great, and I just wish everyone else feels the same!"

— Allie

“Thank you! The changes  that this experience has made to my life are truly amazing. I am more adventurous and confident than ever.

— Samantha

“I love the closet organization tips, style challenges, and listening to Hilary describe how and why certain looks worked or what would work better. I’m finding new ways to wear old clothes and I’ve become more satisfied with what I already own which has

helped to quell the urge to go shopping."

— Natalie

"I’m more comfortable in my own skin.

I don’t think too much about what other people will think and more about what makes me happy. This teaching is for anyone who wants to break free of outdated ways of thinking which we are all in!”

— Laura

“I’m more comfortable and confident. I get more compliments and am starting to stand out in a positive way.

I am better poised to move forward in my professional career – thank you!"

— Shelly

“I have a much more clear idea of what I like, what I want and why, and who I am.”

— Jenica

What sets this experience apart from anything else you’ve tried?


When I created my first ever online course in 2013, the teaching the testimonials in this page are about, I hired someone who worked for the CIA as a consultant.

Her job was to ensure government employees were appropriately trained so they would remember what they’d been taught under duress, in life and death moments when it mattered.

She reviewed my teaching and said it was one of the best she’d read and I deeply understand adult learning retention. That was over a decade ago.


In the years since I’ve paid attention to what kind of teaching truly changes my life.

I love being a student! Yet the vast majority of books I’ve read or courses I’ve taken haven’t really changed my life.

They had some great ideas! But did I really change myself a year later? Could I tell you much about what they said a year later? Almost never.

As a busy woman who’s short on time yet deeply prioritizes self-growth, I’ve crafted the experience I haven’t found elsewhere to meet you in both.

You won’t feel behind, overwhelmed, or lost; you won’t feel merely inspired, rather the changes in your life will be evident to yourself and others.


I’m a gal who lives in the middle, in the complexity of yes/and.

The majority of teachings around beauty come from experts on one area: a fitness coach on weight loss, a stylist on what to wear, an activist on how to make space for everyone.

My area of expertise is seeing where all those layers converge, merging the teachings so we experience true healing because a lifetime of indoctrination can’t be solved one thread at a time but loosening all the threads that have created the deep knot.


I am not trying to help you look like me, my style.

Nor change your body.

I’m here to help you shake off the dust that is dimming the best version of yourself that already exists within you, as you are today. You are FANTASTIC! We need your unique perspective, diversity, for you to be authentically you so the rest of us are inspired to do the same.


There are a lot of one liner references to musical theater, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, The Office. (wink)

When we’re touching on heavy topics

sometimes you gotta add a shoulder shimmy in there to remind you we’re healing these things and it’s gonna be okay!#HighKick

Love, I have been there, and I know the way through.

If we haven’t met yet, hi, I’m Hilary Rushford Collyer. (waves from Brooklyn) I’ve been researching “what makes women feel beautiful” since I started out as a personal stylist with private clients in 2011.

Those sessions included much more crying than I expected. I quickly realized our closets are not composed of things, but of stories–who we are, were, want to be–represented in a cheap rayon blouse (still not making enough money) or a too tight dress (still haven’t lost the weight.)

I become compelled to go deeper, get to the root of healing, and uncover how we can truly feel free, confident, and peaceful in our bodies and our beauty.

As a former music theater performer in my last career (a Broadway tour, Radio City Rockettes, and all that jazz) I lived in fear of being fired or not rehired because of my weight. I was miserably depressed for many years, loathing my body, and letting it get in the way of thriving in my dreams.

Over a decade later I’m blown away how much researching this question has healed my own body image. I’m not only more confident and peaceful, I’m far kinder to myself, thus to others, and I spend so much less time, money, and energy yet feel more joy.

You aren’t struggling with a personal problem.

We’re all limping under the weight of a cultural story. (Even the most beautiful woman you know. Her too.) A made-up story. An arbitrary story (often racist, classist, patriarchal.) One we can rewrite, together. No one is coming to do it for us, because they all make money and retain power by us believing it. We are the only ones who can set ourselves and other women free.

Are you ready to feel better, and in the process make all women around you feel better too?

You m’dear, are welcome here.

Registration closes

Thursday, June 29th at 11:59pm ET


Total Value: $2,250

With all the bonuses (over $750) as my gift to celebrate and special discount for our inaugural launch, simply choose the plan that works best for you:


12 monthly payments of



One payment of



Please note: Special pricing and bonuses are only available during this limited-time enrollment period. 

When you join, you’ll also become a member of The Garden Party at a special alumni rate of $180/year (just $15/month) to be charged 12 months from your date of purchase should you choose to continue!

Available for a limited time

My Keynote Speech...

How to finally feel confident and at peace in your body PLUS SAVE TIME, ENERGY, AND $2K/YEAR

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The first suite of teachings and the community is ready for you today! As soon as you join you’ll get your login to come meet the women inside The Garden Party, begin watching the teaching videos/listening to the audio, and download your companion content pages! There’s no reason to wait. You tomorrow, will already be grateful to your present self for starting to feel better now.

We have three tracks at which you can move through the content: 6 weeks, 3 months, or 12 months. This allows you to feel supported throughout the journey at your own pace, and never behind. Meanwhile all tracks have a full year of membership in the community.

  • If you’re going through in 6 weeks you’ll want about 2 hours a week for the content and community. Maybe it’s Tuesday and Thursday nights for an hour, or your Saturday morning date.
  • In 3 months, perhaps 1 hour a week. Maybe 20 minutes 3 mornings a week?
  • Over 12 months, around 20 minutes a week. Maybe that’s Monday nights while you’re in the bathtub?

Not at all! You have the choice to go through the experience in 6 weeks, 3 months, or 12 months. This allows you to feel supported throughout the journey at your own pace, and never behind. Meanwhile all tracks have a full year of membership in the community. Even our Happy Hour with Hilary bonus calls are spaced out over many months, so there really is no worry about missing out! Everyone’s year will ebb and flow with busy seasons, and in as little as 20 minutes a week I’m here to help you truly change your life in this area. (Bonus: my approach saves you time, money, energy, and lowers your burnout so it helps you feel a little less spread thin all along the way!)

I’m so glad you asked because I am nerdily proud of this detail! If you’re going on vacation for a week, or see you’re heading into a slammed 3 weeks at work: just hit pause at the bottom of any of your emails. Instead of sending you the next teaching to keep you going, I’ll send you a reminder email once a week for 3 weeks to see if you are ready to get going again. Then I’ll switch it to once a month (I don’t mean to nag.) Whenever you decide to unpause, you’ll get an email welcoming you back and reminding you of the content outline, and how to figure out where you left off. This way you don’t pile up and file emails you have to “catch up” on, and instead have steady email support throughout your 6 week, 3 month, or 12 month track. You can also change tracks. If you start with 6 weeks then get a promotion (congrats!) and realize you’re going to be busy, either pause for a few weeks, or toggle down to 3 months so you’re moving through the content a little more slowly.

We have a money back guarantee! If in the first 14 days after the official start date of June 30th 

you realize it’s just not right for you, no worries. However, in over a decade I have less than a 1% refund rate, and I’ve never made an offer that was this spacious so I know it will be even less. Take a look at the Q about time commitment to remember this won’t be overwhelming, the stats about time and money you’re leaking now to remember why this will be worth it, plus the testimonials from students of my original program which was only 30% of what you’re getting now to know this is going to be life changing and so good!

Yes! The Garden Party membership community that comes with this course is a space to connect with myself and our community, not just about this topic but our lives in all their elements. You’ll be surrounded by hundreds of women on the journey with you, with additional teachings released each month after the course to keep going deeper on topics like confidence, money mindset, and more. This is a place to tell the truth, ask the hard questions, get advice, give advice, and genuinely make adult friendships with other healthy women doing the work to live well. From the member stories on this page you can hear how much everyone loves this place and these people!

Yes! I’m present regularly in The Garden Party chiming in on conversations, giving advice, and asking questions. Plus we have four Happy Hour bonus calls throughout this experience where you’ll be able to hang out with myself and one another on camera for some hot seats, outfit feedback, new insights as my own education evolves throughout the year, and deeper conversations after you’ve listened to and been working to implement the teaching. You also get my Closet Cam Confessionals which are more personal, chatty, no fancy production to see what my closet and mindset approach are like in everyday life. The Garden Party is also where I’m able to share the most vulnerably as it’s a more intimate, private space. I know who’s listening/watching, and that I too feel safe with y’all.

I so understand a budget! When I was first starting out, I had very little money as an actor. That’s actually why I realized I was so good at styling is because I was shopping at Forever 21 and Target and putting together outfits that people thought were so cute, I knew that I could shop on a budget because I very much was on a budget. (wink)

#1 Look at your real spending overall in the last year/12 months. Not just on clothing, but face products, makeup, dermatology, botox, facials… shoes, purses, accessories, shipping fees/returns… dieting, cleanses, chasing the next tool or trick for weight loss? What would you need to pause, to find that $97/month? That might be the clothes shopping freeze I recommend all students do while in this experience, or the quest to lose 10 pounds, or the emphasis of looking younger this year.

I’m my own proof of this! So far in the 6 months of 2023 I’ve bought a $15 bracelet, one top/tank, and one nice dress. I talked in Ep 164 of the You’re Welcome Podcast about a beauty treatment I put off because the pricetag was so high I wanted to intellectually think more about how much looking younger is really worth to me. I save myself thousands every year because I have this!

Bonus: are there additional costs you’re racking up like taking a cab, paying a late/rush fee, or ordering takeout because you spent your time trying on and taking off 10 options or panicking you didn’t like how you look?

#2 Is there any truth to the idea you might be able to make more from feeling more confident, and/or having more time and energy? There is an external element to our beauty. We do live in a society in which you’re more likely to get a promotion or be hired the better dressed you are. The more you convey experience, maturity and gravitas. So is there any potential that you could be at a place as a creative, business owner, or employee track that you wouldn’t be able to make more than $97 a month by walking in with more confidence and gravitas?

The opposite! I recommend you go on a shopping freeze in this experience. First, you’ll learn about yourself through exploring the closet you currently have. Next, amplify what you already own by seeing it in new ways. Then, identify holes, growth, and shifts so that when you are ready to invest you’re doing so with more intention, wisdom, and peace.

Yes! This teaching intentionally uses the word women in the title because we honor these are gendered stereotypes, stories, and pressures we are unpacking. It’s a box we’ve been put in and we have to acknowledge that to explore our experience because of it. However, we work to dismantle those boxes, and therefore anyone who feels seen in and connected to this work is welcome! Our definition of beautiful is not based on outward appearances or bodily anatomy. Though we celebrate and play with our visual beauty, what matters is how we feel, only you know how you feel, thus whether this work speaks to you. You are welcome here.

I’ve been healing myself in this regard for over ten years, and I have healed the most in the last year. I am thrilled that you are joining us further on the journey. And sister, there is so much farther to go. There is background education than will deepen what you already believe, foundational principles that will amplify what you’re already celebrating, more freedom from watching other women heal along with you, and a deep sense of mission as you watch all the element converge into a vision of what it means to be and model being a woman who is kinder to herself and therefore others.

I am so proud of you! You’ve had the hope you could make your life better. I’m sorry you’ve felt a little disappointed despite your faith and effort. While I don’t know what other teachings you’ve tried, I’m genuinely unaware of another holistic teaching that brings together so many factors and layers, with extensive data and research across so many fields, to truly change our heads and hearts. If I may say so, I’m a pretty smart cookie. My brain can be sort of annoying to be around, because I ask a lot of questions, and don’t settle for answers easily. I wonder why, then why again. The good news is this makes me a fabulous researcher and explorer, turned teacher and life coach. Furthermore, I’ve been asking these questions for over ten years, and spent a year almost full-time creating this brand new curriculum. Read the testimonials on this page from alums of my original course. That was only 30% of what you’re getting in this experience and look at how it transformed them! 

PS You also have support in making this a lifestyle change. It takes 21 days to make a new habit, and 90 days to make it a part of your lifestyle so it sticks. We have 365 days inside this experience to 4x our commitment to making this a permanent lifestyle change, and kick it off with  my 21 Days of Mindset Integration bonus to get started.

Friend, if you’re ready to feel better, while I can’t make an egg or tell you much about space or a zillion other things, THIS is my magical gifting. I am so honored to share it with you.

Getting dressed is the one thing we do every day, that we cannot delegate

(even a professional stylist will pull things that don’t feel right to you once you put them on),

that affects everything from our career to our love life to our children, and we spend a sizeable amount of our budget on–that no one taught us how to do.

Feeling peace in our bodies is one of the earliest battles we’re indoctrinated into starting at age 3 according to the research, and it does not matter how ideal your body actually is, because when even those women at the top are being airbrushed and photoshopped none of us feels we are enough. It’s time to get to the root of the issue, and plant new seeds.

Don’t waste your time, money, and energy for another month on a path that has never lead to enough peace and joy, and that culture is going to spend that month convincing you to spend even more, and the data shows it’s going to work.

If you’re a grandmother, mother or may be one, work with or mentor girls–don’t model this chase for another season.

You’re going to spend over $2k minimum just this year trying to feel more beautiful

in your clothes, beauty, and body, when the data shows it’s only going to make us feel worse.

You need this teaching today.

(And since I encourage you to pause shopping while you move through it, swap it in your budget so it’s free and then saves you money!)

Now that you realize there’s a hole in your bucket, don’t pour more into it for a minute longer. This is research-based, science-backed, distilled from so many experts, bringing all of that wisdom into one cohesive complex way forward that collectively is the answer. You’re here in the right place at the right time.

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We’re stepping off The Invisible Staircase and into The Garden.

Whatever your age, ethnicity, personal style, personal politics – you are welcome here.


We’re becoming women who are so peaceful and comfortable in themselves it’s deeply becoming, so attractive to be around because it invites you to be more at home in yourself as well.

  • You will like living with yourself, inside your head and heart and body, so much more.
  • You will like yourself more when you are home alone, and when you are in a crowded room.
  • You will have a sense of confidence and rest that I cannot adequately put into words, you just have to feel it.

I’m going to teach you to be free, and then you’re going to free the women around you, and we’re going to change the world.

love who you are here.

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