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Please save this link for your teaching until September 1, 2024. Note: You will NOT receive an email with this link.


1. Send yourself an email with the URL if you prefer to keep a record there.

2. And/or bookmark it on your browser for easy desktop access.

3. And/or save it to your Notes app or open in a browser on your phone for easy mobile access. This link is exclusively for paid students. Thank you so much for honoring my work. Should you want to share it with anyone, read on below for how to invite them to join you! I am thrilled my teaching lives on with you + the loved ones you choose to walk alongside you through it!

xo hilary

First, can you think of 1-5 friends who are also burned out?

When my friends are struggling, it can feel so hard to give advice, not wanting to seem like you have easy answers, nor all the answers since you’re struggling too, yet you really want to help!

Sharing what we’re doing for ourselves is the most easy and elegant way to help a friend help themselves without feeling judged, but seen and not alone.

Send them to DeanStreetSociety.com/closing and invite them to join you. You will grow even more in your relationship when you can share this experience! Cheering for you and them too. (wink)

Then, watch the first video of your course right now, and get a feel for what’s to come in the program, to decide the timing in which you want to move through it…