After 12+ years Dean Street Society is sadly closing our doors​. Read more here.

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hey hilary,
If you’re closing your business should I be taking your business advice?

A very reasonable question! The news is so fresh, and there’s so much to do in closing and with moving that I won’t be able to fully explain to you how and why this happened right now. I do promise to find a way to share the longer story in 2024, as I know as an entrepreneur I would deeply want to understand, and I have such love and respect for this community that I don’t want to leave anyone feeling scared or confused.

What I’ll say briefly for now though, is I got very unlucky. Which is different than being unwise or untalented. This is another deeper topic for 2024, but “unlucky” can be used as a cop-out to not take responsibility. It can also be a sign of maturity that you aren’t beating yourself up for the things you couldn’t control, and have a healthy self-awareness that success doesn’t require perfection, but even perfection can’t control everything. 

The timing wasn’t right for me with where my business was at, and the due date of our baby in the middle of a move, but I have so many friends thriving in business. While I’ve always been honest that business is hard, and will continue to be honest about my behind the scenes in 2024 once I’ve had some space to process, I’ve also helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs create income for themselves and their families. As we talk about all the time on the You’re Welcome Podcast, both things can be true at once, and growth is accepting that duality.

If closing my business makes you wonder if you should close yours, I get that! And again, I’ll do my best in 2024 to find a way to share and help you process that. But if you’re excited about your business dreams in 2024, then this is my parting gift to you.

Check out the free class from Social Stories below as one example. Learning to teach on camera/on stage, think on your feet while live, multitask your notes plus live Q&A – this is my superpower, and if it’s an area you want to increase your confidence and ability in, set the price. There’s no way that teaching alone isn’t worth a minimum of $100 from a professional actor and 5-figure speaker, who’s the daughter of an iconic public speaker and storyteller! (In my opinion, this is one of my most slept on products that I’ve never personally seen someone teach on.) 

You can also get 3-years of private masterclasses from my application-only Elegant Excellence Mastermind. The Foundational documents alone that kick off that teaching are worth $200.

As a parting encouragement, you have those superpowers too. Whether you are looking to start a new business, launch a new product – do not miss out on Creative Business Accelerator that helps you do so in just 3-30 days with a step-by-step map – or feel like 2024 is your year to go from good to great: I believe you have wisdom, talent, and experiences that someone needs. I am still rooting for you always, and can be in your corner throughout 2024 with this teaching.

P.S. Remember, this is a whole bundle! You don’t have to hem and haw over which teaching is right for you. You get it all. You could get it all for 90% off at $649! You set the price. On behalf of my family as we navigate this year of unknowns, thank you so much for your generosity both financially and in sharing this with others, especially if you’ve been a student and found value. I love you, and I’m so grateful to have been a part of your life and story.

Receive instant access to 5 of our signature programs for a total value of $6,491.


What’s the value of this teaching in your life and business?