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Our site was hacked the night before launch. We created a temporary private order page where you can also watch the Reveal Party Replay to better understand the Elegant Excellence Method + changes for 2023!

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Elegant Excellence Journal 2023 Reveal Party

Be the first to find out what the brand new and improved journals include, see this year’s cover options, and secure your copy! There’s so much to share with you I’m even including an extended Q&A this year. Don’t miss this, m’dear…

Do you ever struggle with overwhelm, anxiety, or insecurity?

You’re not alone. There are outside circumstances that trigger these feelings, as well as inside ones – our own thoughts, wounds, and beliefs.

After years of trying so hard to keep my outside life organized, under control, and so many years of therapy trying to figure how to actually “do” this healing that I wanted, I just couldn’t quite figure out how – I created the Elegant Excellence Journal.

This guided experience walks you through vision casting, goal setting and goal mapping, priorities, plus daily self-awareness.

One beautiful space to spend time with the one person who had the best answers for me: myself.

One beautiful tool that honored both the outside and the inside, in easy next steps that didn’t add to my exhaustion.

One beautiful practice I cultivated more year after year as I found it brought me more inner and outer peace, more inner and outer confidence, more happiness with my life and within myself.

Now, she’s been revamped top to tail to support you with even more freedom and ease to fold into your unique life and preferences – and I’m throwing a Reveal Party* to celebrate and share all the details with our VIPs!

Here are a few things I can’t wait to share with you at the Reveal Party:

P.S. This journal has not only changed my life, but thousands of my students lives too. Here’s what a few have said…

This has changed the way I see the world! You’ve revolutionized my productivity, negative self-talk, and planning. It truly has altered my life in the best possible way.


The Elegant Excellence Goals Journal consistently refreshes and refines my vision for my life. It’s so helpful in me making steps forward, in multiple areas, and does so in a very organized way. It’s really helped build my confidence in making things happen!


This is vision-casting and a goal planning method to help your day-to-day feel like it’s contributing toward your dream life. Thank you!


I can’t wait… 


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